Burned and Bruised, But Still Worth Your Face Value

This past week the hubster (my husband + business partner) was called to assess fire damage at a property. While he was there assessing the damage he came across a few items, in the basement of the property, that had been severely damaged from the fire. Among the many charred items was a jumper cable box – you know, the box that cables attached to it that people typically use to jump start a car. When he moved the jumper cable box aside, he noticed something familiar through the black char and burnt parts of the jumper box. He looked closer – it was money! He put on a glove, turned the box over and sure enough, there were burned 20’s and 10’s, folded in half, stuck onto the melted plastic of the damaged jumper cable box. He tells a worker to look at what “they” found. The worker proceeds to tell him that the money is dirty, burned, and worthless. The worker laughed as my husband picked up the money, stuck it in a plastic bag, and put it in his pocket. The two of them share a good laugh as they went back and forth with one another about whether or not the burned money had any value.

My husband got home and told me the story. Then he called our banker and told him the story. Mike, our banker, explained to him that so long as money is 50% recognizable, it is good and worth its face value. Mike advised us to come down to the branch and get the money assessed.

Well, guess what? The money was 50% recognizable!! The teller took the blackened bills from us and replaced them with new, crisp, clean bills. Crazy, right?!! Who knew!

So even though the money was burnt, charred, semi-recognizable, old, and dirty, it had not lost its value. Despite being rejected by others because it looked worthless, it was still worth its face-value.

Remember this…

  • As you “pass through” the storms and fires in your life –
  • As you fall, make messes, and get grimy from the mud you fell in –
  • As you get muddy, dirty, burned, beat up, beat down –
  • As you get talked about, criticized, judged, humiliated, shamed, and tossed to the side, because of how you look –

YOU are still worth your face-value!!!! KNOW YOUR VALUE!!

Your value is not based on what others think about you. Your worth is based on how you feel about yourself and what you know your true worth to be! Your worth to others is not a reflection of your value!! (Let that marinate for a moment).

You see, when the worker (the hypocrites, the naysayers, the haters) saw the dirty charred money he thought the money had lost its worth, but when my husband (friends, encouragers, supporters), saw the money he didn’t see worthless paper: He saw $20 bills – He KNEW their worth.

Friends will always see your value. Enemies will never know your worth – Rhonda Kinard

Your value is the culmination of your gifts, talents, weaknesses, strengths, flaws, and potential. You value is the important role you play in the lives of others. Your value is the potential of your most authentic amazing self as you walk in purpose. Don’t let anyone tell you or make you feel otherwise!

When you are feeling like a charred up, dirty bill, remember your value my friend. Get up, get reconnected, and revived. ! Know your worth! You are priceless!!


You may be wondering what happened to the money? Well, I took it out of the hubster’s wallet, put it in the bank, wrote a check, and donated it to a community outreach program that supports a scholarship fund.


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