Slow Down and Get “Sense”-ible

Have you noticed that everyone is in a rush? Speeding through traffic only to get to the next red light? Dangerously texting while driving because we must see what the text says right now instead of waiting until we arrive safely at our destination? Running from one appointment to the next, never experiencing life in between each stop? Moving through the day, just checking things off our to-do lists?

Have we entered the Mad Dash Era where people just run from point A to point B? This idea of rushing, running, and being in constant motion all the time, is it all a response to both our lack of patience and our neglect for the importance of self-care and self-preservation?

I’ll admit, in the past, I’ve been guilty of rushing and moving so fast that I missed all the fascinating, funny, and fulfilling people, places, and things around me.

Are you guilty of this, too? Are you driving on the fast track of life?

When you’re rushing and always moving, with your head down and energy low, you miss what life is about – experiences. Being present with people, enjoying life, your health, and the health of others, meaningful relationships, service rendered from a grateful place, being lazy on a Sunday afternoon, enjoying walks, and the stillness of day, prayer, and meditation. You miss all these amazing things when you’re rushing around like a mad crazy person.


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Taking it slow and indulging all five senses. East End, Grand Caymans Island

This weekend I want you to make an intentional effort to slow down. Stop driving and allow yourself the opportunity to rest, refuel, and indulge your five senses:



Here are some ideas for you:



“See” all the small and simply beautiful things around you. Pay attention to the birds, the grass, the trees, your home, shapes, the people around you, and the people you love most. Don’t just look at them, but see them for who they are and appreciate their presence and their purpose in your life. Allow your sight to draw you into gratefulness for all that you have and for all the things to come.

“Hear” the birds chirping, the air as it wisps through the trees, and the silence of your home before everyone awakes. Listen to the message behind words spoken to you. Hear cries for love and attention. Hear a good joke and laugh out loud. Listen to good music and dance. Listen to waves crashing in the ocean. Listen to God’s voice and stillness. Listen attentively as the universe gives you clues to help you along your journey. And hear that voice within that’s telling you what you need to achieve your goals and what’s holding you back from the greatness within.

“Smell” the blooms on the crêpe myrtle growing in your yard. Smell the laundry, especially the towels, after they’ve been washed with detergent dipped in lilac. Enjoy the aroma of your favorite dish being prepared in the kitchen. Take a nice warm shower and let the smell of your yummiest body wash be aromatherapy for your mind, body, and soul. Gently adorn your skin with lavender and get carried away by its calming and soothing scent.

“Touch” the people you love. Cuddle more and hug longer. Be touched. Run your fingers through blades of grass. Feel the petals of the flowers, sand in between your toes, or wet clay in between your fingers as you create a masterpiece. Allow the hands of a massage therapist to knead and “Lomi Lomi” your stress away. Get a paraffin manicure. Snuggle up with your favorite blanket and bury yourself in its warmth and softness.

“Taste” your favorite ice cream. Savor the flavor of your favorite blueberry, green, or chamomile tea. Taste the yummy kisses of your lover. Taste something new, a Hawaiian poke bowl or Jamaican food, perhaps? Taste a raindrop. Enjoy teppanyaki and for once, taste a new flavor of fun as you catch the flying piece of food that the hibachi chef hurls your way.

This weekend, I want you to practice slowing down, purposely to indulge your senses. Try one or many of the sense–satisfying ideas I shared with you or be creative and come up with a relaxing slow-paced activity of your own.

Force yourself to slow down! I meant it. It’s incredibly easy to get caught up in a go-go-go lifestyle especially when everyone else around you is rushing or making you feel like you have to be the Usain Bolt of life.

Put your phone on do not disturb. Let go of the mindset that if you turn your phone off for five seconds, you’re going to miss something. Don’t hold yourself accountable for being in control and on top of everything, every body, and every text message, every minute of the day.

Give yourself permission to breathe, to enjoy stillness, and to fully and unapologetically indulge your senses.

Slow down, my friend. You work hard, and you love even harder. The best parts of your life are not found on the speedway you’re on. You deserve to experience every ounce of love, joy, and sweetness available to you. Take your foot off the gas and enjoy!

Slow, Steady, and ‘Sense”-ible

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