Suffering Irreversible Blindness Makes You Think Differently About Your Health & Wellness

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Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to be a guest on WTNU, a radio show with an international listening audience hosted from my hometown, Philadelphia (PA). During my segment on “Think Zone,” Stanley J. Moore, the host, and I talked about overcoming obstacles and pursuing your goals and deepest desires – no matter what!

Shortly into our chat, we found ourselves conversing about the importance of nutrition and overall health and wellness in your journey to walking out the EXTRAORDINARY CALLING ON YOUR LIFE.

 I shared how health and wellness became a VERY BIG DEAL AFTER I SUFFERED IRREVERSIBLE BLINDNESS IN MY RIGHT EYE as the result of a condition called hypertension retinopathy. In normal people’s terms… My blood pressure spiked so high that in a blink of an eye (and I remember that very blink), my sight in the upper right quadrant of my eye was gone. And it will NEVER COME BACK!

My eyesight was gone because I had a diet high in sodium, I barely worked out, and there was no nutritional content in most of the foods I ate. I sat at a desk all day eating the workplace donuts, bagels, and pizza on Fridays, and then came home and sat on my rear end most of the time eating soul food, fried foods, and lots of frozen foods.  I HAD COMPLETE CONTROL TO PREVENT ANYTHING LIKE THIS FROM EVER HAPPENING TO ME. But I was reckless and irresponsible with that control. I lost control and let something bad happen to me. I felt like I failed myself. It was my fault that I suffered this loss.

I was a walking breathing example of “Ignorance is bliss!” I  was okay with my lifestyle. I was simply “doing me” and “living my life,” until “doing me” impacted my quality of life, and honestly, could have killed me.

That was a pivotal moment in my life’s story. It scared me straight, I’ll tell you that! It’s been a journey for me to RECLAIM MY LIFE BACK FROM POOR DIET CHOICES, LAZINESS, AND LACK OF MOVEMENT. I had to make the CHOICE to CHANGE my lifestyle if I wanted to LIVE and LIVE WELL. And the choices were no longer based on ME, and what felt good to ME; I had to think about my kids, my husband, the people I touch through my work as an Inspiration Leader and Empowerment Coach, and all the people who would be impacted if my health failed me again. My commitment to those that love me, need me, and count on me, saved my life!

With my loss of eyesight, my vision became clearer! And through this valley, I learned the importance and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.


Today, I am a healthy, fit, and very active 42-year-old!

I have the energy to keep up with my kids, my husband, the demands of my businesses, and the needs of my clients. I have more energy than I did when I was 22, and I am the happiest I have ever been. My life changes have prevented future episodes of high blood pressure-induced incidents! I’m in control again, but this time, I’m driving responsibly. And now, I’m devoted to sharing my story and inspiring others to make life-saving changes to their lifestyle as well.
Tonight, live on air, I’ll be giving a presentation on Ignited Nutrition, Three Prerequisites for Good Health, Feeling Good, and Doing Good.

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See, here’s the thing, you can attempt every diet in the world, start drinking shakes, hit up Weight Watchers, and even drink the skinny teas floating around the marketplace, but UNTIL YOU HAVE DONE THESE THREE THINGS (that I will discuss tonight), you’ll find yourself on the hamster wheel of endless effort with no sustainable results – The Hamster Wheel To Nowhere! You’ll get on and get off…. Get on again, then get off…. Then go back at it again… Stay stuck… With no progress. Repeat.

Learn how to make health and wellness, looking good, and feeling good STICK! Tune in tonight. I’ll be on the air for about 15 minutes this evening. So tune in and don’t be late!

Ready to get serious about your health and wellness? Schedule a FREE DISCOVERY CALL with me to discuss how I can help you get off the hamster wheel and set a better health and wellness lifestyle in motion, and avoid life-threatening conditions, like the one I had. Be proactive and set up on your health, before it comes bearing down on you.

“Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.” – ~ Martin Luther

Wishing you Peace, Health, & Wellness!

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