The Eagles Win Super Bowl 52

Dear Eagles Fan,

I hope this message finds you INTENTIONAL and GIVING YOURSELF TIME to think, to grow, and to transform into the NEXT BEST version of yourself.

Like most diehard forever Eagles fans, you’re probably still on a high from their Super Bowl win on Sunday and finding it very difficult to concentrate on anything else other than that epic, phenomenal, and historical game.

While you continue to saturate your mind with Eagles awesomeness, I want you to think about what it took for them to win Super Bowl LII.

I watched the big game with the hubster and the kids. There were times during the game, the hubster would yell at Foles (like Foles could totally hear him), and say things like, “Stop being so scared.” “Throw the ball long!”

Yes, the hubster was rooting for the Patriots. (Booooo, I know.) He kept screaming at Foles for taking so long to get the ball down to the Eagles’ end zone.  During one possession, it took the Eagles over two minutes to get the ball down the field. The Eagles’ strategy was to move the ball ‘slowly’ yet ‘steadily’.

The Patriots were the opposite. Brady threw long and hard most of the game. During the first half of the game, The Patriots moved the ball down the field in less than 45 seconds. My husband was right! The Patriots could run the ball quickly; much faster than the Eagles many times!  It took the Patriots half the time it took the Eagles to get that same ball down the same field.

But at the end of the game, when it was all said and done, the Eagles won the Super Bowl! Yesssss…… #bleedgreen

What won the game for the Eagles?

It was their slow, steady, and consistent small plays that led to their big historical win!

Ignited Eagles Fan, as you move towards all you desire and crave for your life, remember that your success is in alignment with your strategy – YOUR execution of the game!

Progress and success are inevitable only when you work slowly, steadily, and consistently to achieve your goals. Tom Brady showed us that making big plays at the very end, throwing a Hail Mary at the last minute, and hoping for a miracle doesn’t make champions. Champions are the result of the effort they put in every moment and every minute of the game.

As you move forward towards becoming the next best version of yourself, ask yourself…

Am I playing like a champ or am I positioning myself for the hopeful, last moment, Hail Mary?

Action Item #1 – #thinkaboutit

Action Item #2 – What slow, steady and consistent steps will you take to see your dreams become a reality? #thinkaboutit

Action Item #3 – You have the heart of a champion! Stay focused and be intentional. Play hard and fight for your life and dreams. You’ve got this!


Trust The Process.

Be Ignited!

Rhonda Signature


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