“Unapologetic Commitment” to who I desire to be!


Feeling like a million bucks in my $7 dress I bought well over 15 years ago that up until a few days ago, hasn’t fit since my son was born.

Grateful that God has given me the mindset of unapologetic commitment to who I desire to be. It’s moments like these when I’m grateful for perseverance, laser focus on my finish line, and the support and love I need to pursue my dreams and achieve my goals.


There are definitely days when I get exhausted by the process and frustrated that I’m not seeing the results (mind and body) that I’d like to see as quickly as I’d like. But that exhaustion and frustration never turn into an excuse to quit. If anything, I fight even harder to be who I want to be, feel how I want to feel, look how I want to look, and live a purpose-driven life that inspires, motivates, and serve others – my way, and on my terms!

The keys…

πŸ— Stay focused, faithful, and fear”less” about what “you” want. Don’t settle for less than what you deserve.

πŸ— Release excuses and reasons why you can’t make it happen.

πŸ— Make room for all the reasons you can and why you will be successful – your way on your terms!

πŸ— And find yourself some people who vibrate higher and love themselves. The latter is important because if they don’t love themselves, they are not going to love watching you grow, soar, and shine!

πŸ— Be you. Be beautiful, and don’t let anyone dim your light with their darkness. Be A LIFE IGNITED and let your luminescence transcend the night sky – the world!

And don’t forget to have fun, smile, and laugh a lot along the way! πŸ’₯

Be Ignited!

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