I Reached My Weight Goal, Ahead of Schedule – Without Dieting or Depriving Myself!

Hey Beautiful Soul!



You know I’ve been very transparent with you during my weight loss aka weigh release aka health and fitness journey. If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ve been right there on this journey with me and you’ve seen the workout pics, videos, weigh-ins, food choices, and the dialogue and comments about this extraordinary journey I am on. And if you’ve been on this ride with me, then you know that this past week, I surpassed my goal to weigh 143 pounds by the end of the year.

On this past Tuesday, November 13th, my goal was achieved!!! I weighed in at 142.6 🎉🎉

<<insert dance break here>>   💃🏽☀️ 💃🏽☀️

Okay, I’m back!

Since my journey started on July 22, 2018 (almost 4 months ago), here’s what has happened:

  • Lost ⬇️ 14 pounds
  • Body fat ⬇️ 2.4 %
  • BMI  ⬇️ 2.4 %

No diet drinks 🚫
No surgeries or procedures 🚫
No crash dieting or depriving myself 🚫

<<insert dance break here>>   💃🏽☀️ 💃🏽☀️

Okay, I’m back!

You don’t understand, I have been trying to lose 10 pounds in a holistic and sustainable way for like – ever!! I’ve been able to crash diet on a South Beach-esque program, and on time, I lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks, when I joined a weight-loss challenge at a local fitness center.

But guess what I did as soon as the program was over???

Yup! Gained it right back… plus more!

That’s because while these programs helped me shed weight fast, they fail to show me HOW to approach my health and wellness holistically.  I wasn’t addressing the reasons why I gained so much weight, why I ate emotionally, how to recognize and manage triggers that led to unhealthy behaviors, or how to fall madly in love with myself again so that I wouldn’t want to harm it by continuing patterns that were not good for my mind, body, or spirit. These fast-track, no long-term success, temporary then vanishing solutions did not remind me of WHY my health, wellness, and self-care is so important – AND they did not hold me accountable to my word or my success!

So, I decided to create my own program that not only incorporates exercise and fitness, but it peels back the layers and uncovers the barriers to self-care, fitness, and success that keep us from achieving our goals and creating the lives and bodies we crave.

In my program, I:

Focused on my future self ✔️
Let go of the weight/baggage/stressful people, things, and my own toxic behaviors and patterns✔️
Became unapologetic about who I want to be ✔️
Maintained consistent workouts at home and in the gym ✔️
Had less excuses and more execution ✔️
Exercised more happiness and gratefulness ✔️

As a success coach, who has helped thousands of people achieve their goals and release mindsets, patterns, and toxic energy that keeps them from living their most extraordinary lives, it felt really good to put my own advice and strategies into practice in this area of my life, and get my desired result. Writing books, creating programs, and all that business and career stuff comes easy for me, but I really struggled here in the holistic and comprehensive wellness area, and because of the struggle, I put losing “the weight” on the back burner.

But not this time…

I faced my fears, ignited my fuse, and manifested the results I use to dream of.

(Yes, even coaches and influencers have fears, insecurities, and “weight” they need to release.)

And what I know for certain is that all success in life, business, relationships, finance, education, everywhere… it all starts with a healthier lifestyle – mind, body, and spirit.

So what’s next?

I’ve decided to commit to a stretch goal for the end of the year. My goal is to weight 139 pounds by Dec 31st.  This is so crazy!! I have not weighed 130-anything since I found out I was pregnant with Lauren, and she’s thirteen years old now. Send your good vibes and energy my way. And be sure to “like” and “follow” me on Facebook and Instagram to get a  front-row seat to the mayhem. And feel free to ask questions, comment, throw shade, or sprinkle magic when you get there. It’s all good. I’m here for it all! 😀

I’m really looking forward to my next appointment with my cardiologist. I was instructed to lose ten pounds because my medical history shows that when I was ten pounds lighter, my blood pressure was normal and manageable. The more I weight and the more fat I have around my belly, the higher my blood pressure goes. And because of high blood pressure, I have experienced partial loss of eyesight (hypertension retinopathy), and near death complications from blood pressure medicine (severe edema of the throat and lips from lisinopril… rare condition that could have killed me).

As per usual, I’ll keep you posted.

Continue to follow my journey and let it be the motivation and inspiration you need to pull your goals and dreams off the shelf, and in courage and confidence, achieve them and experience all you desire and deserve in your life.


Coach Rhonda


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