Hello Ignited Explorer! Welcome to my thoughts, my virtual journal… my blog! 

I’m Rhonda Kinard. I’m a… 

Mom of two amazing young humans (amazing “sometimes”! If you have teens, then you know the struggle… te-he-he)

A Wife (16 years on Aug 18th and I swear the older we get the more attracted I am to my hubster (husband + biz partner).  Fatherhood, Commitment, Loyalty, Trust… Yessss Lawd… the “new” sexy! 

Author of a “A Life Ignited – Ignite your Inner Fuse” as well as host of articles, courses, presentations, workbooks, and digital content.


Motivational and Empowerment Speaker. From Corporate America to Colleges, I empower people to never give up, move forward through the fear, and go after their big bodacious goals because after failure and humble beginnings, success is very real and absolutely possible for you. Hellooooo! That’s my testimony right there! And I share it to ignite the fullest potential in others. 

Certified Life & Empowerment Coach offering online coaching courses as well as private 1:1 live and group coaching for women, girls, and students. I help you stay on track, achieve your goals, and teach you how to avoid those stifling habits and paralyzing behaviors that keep you stuck.  

Mentor (one of my favorite things) to young entrepreneurs, moms, elementary school students. 

Founder of A Life Ignited LLC. My umbrella organization where I  I motivate, inspire, and teach people how to trade in their lack and limiting mindsets for a “big bodacious” belief that they can absolutely pursue and achieve next level excellence in their lives, reconnect to their truest passions and priorities, and achieve the mind, body, and spiritual re-awakening they need to live a life that feels free, fulfilling, and authentic; all while fueling the journey with good health & wellness along the way. 

From corporate organizations, colleges and universities, churches, nonprofit organizations to private coaching clients, I ignite and support results-driven individuals who are ready and want to take their lives and businesses to the next level.   

A Little More About Me!

Rhonda’s passion for helping others was birthed out of her own needs to be encouraged, inspired, and empowered to stay strong and endure the journey through the most difficult and bleakest times in her life. It was the encouragement of a mentor, the impact of a speaker or author that wrote words of hope, and the powerful speeches and testimonies of others that helped her hold on tight to her dreams and never give up! It was the support Rhonda received from people who did not judge her, who coached her out of her ruts, and helped Rhonda reconnect to her best and brightest, most authentic self. Rhonda learned from her mistakes and reinvented herself to be a strong women (mind, body, and spirit) who would never underestimate herself or her potential again. And guess what happened? She stayed true to her promise. Rhonda began to take crazy radical risks in life and business. Those risks turned into what is her amazingly scrumptious life today!

Out of her gratefulness for her blessings, the people who inspired and encouraged her, and her thankfulness for the grace and mercy that came camouflaged as “second chances”, Rhonda began to coach and inspire others to do exactly what she did; reinvent themselves, reconnect to the goodness within, and believe in the power they possess to get up, and out, of their mess, own their greatness, live well (mind, body, and spirit), and push forward to do remarkable and unimaginable phenomenal things in their lives – regardless of the circumstances and surroundings today!

Now, Rhonda is IGNITING lives: Passionately living and working in her purpose. Helping others see beyond their current circumstance and supporting them on their journey to the exceptional calling on their lives.

Rhonda has been coaching adults and students since 1996. Not knowing it was actually “coaching” at the time, she coached people who needed motivation and confidence as they moved forwards towards next level excellence in their lives; such as preparing for job interviews, applying to college, not quitting college, and overcoming obstacles. That morphed into coaching college students, adults, and speaking at events.  Rhonda became a Certified Life Coach in 2013 and later that year, established A Life Ignited, LLC.  Rhonda juggled coaching, speaking, and training with her full time corporate job, but eventually she was called to make a choice between them, and so she did.

After 21 successful years in the financial software industry, Rhonda took a leap of faith and courageously quit Corporate America to follow her passion of igniting lives. Rhonda inspires others to take their own courageous leaps of faith towards their destinies and all they desire in life. Rhonda’s life is full of “impossible moments” that became a very tangible reality. Her goal is to ignite that spark, to set fire to the soul of students and audiences, as she shares her life stories of struggle to survival to triumph. 

With over 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur, life coach, real estate investor, and financial software services professional for various multinational companies, I bring an extraordinarily rich and unique combination of knowledge, skills, and insight to my teaching, training, and coaching.

 When she is not igniting lives, Rhonda is at the gym punching a body bag or lifting weights, cooking or baking with her daughter, travelling with her family, volunteering, or cheering on her kids at one of their games, meets, or school activities.


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